Reading and Writing Programs


The ‘learning to read’ journey starts with little steps.

boy abcThe Literacy LittleSteps program helps children to love the beginning of their ‘learning to read’ journey.  In small groups using games and other multi-sensory learning techniques, children learn:

  • phonemic awareness
  • letter sounds
  • introductory phonics (reading and spelling simple predictable words)
  • letter formation / handwriting


Big steps can be taken to master reading.

girl reading green top

The Literacy BigSteps program is all about helping children through their ‘reading journey’ to become confident, happy and successful readers. The unique Literacy Circle methodology and approach is why our programs achieve success and the children enjoy coming to classes:

  • explicit phonics instruction,
  • multi-sensory approach,
  • skilled teachers and
  • fun and engaging lessons.


Power through your literacy journey.

Placeholder ImageThis advanced program guides children though grammar, writing and sentence structure, punctuation and spelling.  Many children for so many different reasons find literacy a challenge.  Literacy Circle will identify a specific area of literacy need and explain, demonstrate and practice with the student until understanding and success is achieved. The small groups and individualised programs and really make a difference,

Term Classes

Classes are available during the school term.  Children can join a small group or elect for private tuition. Contact your local Literacy Circle centre for the current term timetable.

School Holiday Camps

School Holiday Camps are effective to give a quick boost in skills between terms. A great option if you have limited time during the school term.  Camps include:

  • Alphabet Mastery
  • Intensive Reading
  • Creative Writing
  • NAPLAN preparation for year 3 and year 5
  • Intensive Private Classes.

  Contact your local Literacy Circle centre for the school holiday timetable.